Take The Pain Out of Prior Authorizations and Refocus on Patient Care

Prior authorizations are the number one cause of provider burnout

Physicians spend nearly an hour per day on prior authorizations, while staff members spend an additional 19 hours per week dealing with payer approvals.

Growing Number of Prior Authorizations
Wasted Time Spent on Prior Authorizations
Unacceptable Wait Times
Antiquated Faxes and Phone Calls
Cancelled Appointments & Surgeries

Solving Your Prior Authorization Burden


Automatically Initiate Prior Auths from your EMR

Seamlessly attached to your EMR, Verata automatically prepares and builds every prior authorization, so you don’t have to.


Effortlessly Review Payer Rules and Requirements

Verata automatically retrieves 40,000 national, regional, and state payer rules and identifies appropriate clinical documentation.


Submit and Track Every Auth to Completion

Verata powerfully supports prior authorization submissions as well as automatic inquiries and status checks.

Complete Visibility & Control Over Prior Authorizations

Verata Health delivers complete visibility across all types of prior authorizations, including simple to complex, providing you with immediate ROI through operational efficiency and captured revenue. Leveraging powerful prior authorization AI, Verata empowers specialty practices, hospitals, and health systems to take control of their prior authorization burden.

Powerful Analytics Enable Tracking and Monitoring Across All Departments

Thousands of hospital and specialty providers leverage our proprietary database of 40,000 national and regional payer policies to achieve 80% faster prior authorization turnaround. Giving patients the right care by using the specific payer information that is required at the time.

“Verata ensures that we are always kept up to date on the status of every prior authorization, saving us time to focus more on patient care and less time on the phone”

– Kathy Morgan, Longwood Orthopedic Associates

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Reduction in Write-Offs


Faster Turnaround


Higher Staff Productivity


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See the Case Study

Reduce write-offs, increase patient throughput, and free up valuable staff time.

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